Surry Hills

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  • Suburb:Surry Hills
  • Postcode:2010
  • Local Council:
An inner-city suburb of Sydney, ‘located immediately south-east of Sydney CBD. Neighbouring suburbs include Darlinghurst to the North, Chippendale and Haymarket to the west, Moore Park and Paddington to the east and Redfern to the south.

An embodiment of cultural diversity with an eclectic mix of art, design, fashion and food. Unique vintage finds and hidden alleyway haunts combined with boutique stores and high end theatre. Crown Street at its heart, the street energy is permeable. The strong café culture, renowned restaurants, effervescent nightlife gives Surry Hills a perfect mix of new and old.

The property types of Surry Hills are predominantly made up of Victorian terrace houses, with some converted warehouses and large apartment buildings.

The urban character of Surry Hills is known for attracting a mixture of affluent newcomers. The Surry Hills of today is a world away from the first settlements taking place there back in the 1790’s, however there is an unforgettable, somewhat bohemian charm about the place.