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  • Suburb:Coogee
  • Postcode:2034
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The name Coogee is said to be taken from a local Aboriginal word koojah which means "smelly place". Another version iskoo-chai or koo-jah, both of which mean "the smell of the seaweed drying" in the Bidigal language, a reference to the smell of decaying kelp washed up on the beach. Although at certain times large quantities of seaweed are still washed up, it is usually removed before it gets a chance to stink.

The Aboriginal population had largely relocated by the mid-19th century after being decimated by disease and violent clashes with early settlers, though some Aborigines still live in the area today.

Coogee was gazetted as a village in 1838, in 1863 the first school was built which was later converted to become the Coogee Bay Hotel in 1873, three years later in 1876 Coogee Public School was established. In late 1887, Coogee Palace Aquarium and swimming baths followed by the construction of the Coogee pier in 1928 which was later demolished in 1934.

The Coogee Aquarium and Swimming Baths were officially opened on 23 December 1887, it covered a block of land bordered by Arden Street, Beach Street, Bream Street and Dolphin Street. The Palace included an indoor Swimming pool, an aquarium featuring the tiger shark from the famous shark arm murder case (The Shark Arm Case refers to an incident at the Coogee Aquarium Baths in 1935, when a captured tiger shark regurgitated a human arm. The arm belonged to a missing person, James Smith, and was identified by a tattoo. The arm had been cut off, (which led to a murder investigation), a Great Hall that could be used as a roller skating rink, Canadian toboggan ran down the hillside for over 70 meters, a herd of 14 donkeys to ride as well as swings, whirligig's rocking horses, toy boats, aviaries, flower beds, bandstand and an open air bar.

In June 1945, a strong storm caused the large dome to collapse, in 1987 the Coogee Palace and Dome was re-built and converted to restaurants and bars.

Sold Properties: Coogee

Address Suburb Sold Date Bed Bath Car
5/71-73 Dolphin Street COOGEE 22-02-2016 3 2 0 View Property
1/37 Melody Street COOGEE 9-11-2015 1 1 0 View Property
6/85a Bream Street COOGEE 7-09-2015 1 1 1 View Property
5 Leeton Avenue COOGEE 3-03-2014 3 2 2 View Property
23 Brook Street COOGEE 6-12-2013 3 1 1 View Property
3/107 Carrington Road COOGEE 19-02-2013 2 1 0 View Property
2/84-86 Bream St COOGEE 26-05-2011 2 2 1 View Property
2/33 Byron St COOGEE 17-05-2011 2 1 0 View Property
9/85A Bream St COOGEE 23-11-2010 3 2 2 View Property
12/108 Beach St COOGEE 19-10-2010 2 1 1 View Property
9/10-18 Bay St COOGEE 11-08-2009 2 2 1 View Property
3/3 Carr St COOGEE 2 1 0 View Property